Sunday, August 5, 2012

IOComp Components 4.0.4 Delphi 2007 , 2010, XE , XE2

IOComp Components 4.0.4 Delphi 2007 , 2010, XE , XE2
Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed LoadPropertiesFromFile bug which would misinterpret carriage-return/line-feed characters. The result would be multi-line text being corrupted into single-line text strings.
2. Fixed iSwitchSlider Unicode display bug.
3. Fixed iSwitchRotary Unicode display bug.
4. Fixed data-cursor y-value issue when the channel was in Differential mode and the Snap-To-Data-Point option was enabled. The data-cursor would display the value for the previous data-point.
5. Fixed double key-press bug. Affected control's which support increasing or decreasing their value through key presses. For example, pressing the up-arrow key on the SwitchSlider or SwitchRotary would cause the value to increase by 2 steps. (Note: This bug would not occur on Vista or Windows 7).
6. Added ClipToAxes property to the Plot/XYPlot control ActiveX iPlotLimitX interface. This property has always existed, was always accessible through the property editor, but was missing on the ActiveX version iPlotLimitX COM interface (Was not an issue with the VCL version).

New Features:

1. Added support for Delphi 2010.
2. Added support for C++ Builder 2010.
3. Added Support for RAD Studio 2010.
4. Upgraded all ActiveX controls to support Unicode.
5. Upgraded all property editors to display Unicode strings.

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